Taj Marri Chairs National Party Sanghar Meeting, Highlights Concerns Over Land Grabbing.

Published date16 April 2024
AuthorAyaz Latif

Byline: Ayaz Latif

MAQSOODO RIND -- The National Party Sanghar district organized a significant gathering at the residence of journalist Bahadur Rind, where an Eid Milan ceremony served as the backdrop for a pivotal meeting presided over by Taj Marri, the President of the National Party Sindh.

Taj Marri, accompanied by prominent figures including Talib Jakhro, Muhammad Idrees Brohi, Bahadur Dahri, Mir Hassan Rind, Shauqeen Ali Rind, Ali Nawaz Rind, Rahimdad Rind, Zakir Hussain Rind, Abid Rind, and others, addressed the attendees during the ceremony.

Addressing the audience, Taj Marri shed light on the alarming trend of land grabbing under the guise of the agricultural revolution, expressing concerns over the transfer of fertile lands in Sindh to Green Corporate and other foreign-owned companies. He emphasized the detrimental impact of such practices on local farmers and the agricultural sector.

"The exploitation of our land resources must be halted...

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