Tackling terrorism.

AS the government reaffirms its resolve to strike hard at the banned TTP, all key arms of the state must be on the same page where strategy and tactics are concerned. Over the past few days, the federal interior minister has made a number of U-turns where tackling the TTP is concerned. Rana Sanaullah had hinted on TV that Pakistan could strike terrorist sanctuaries across the border in Afghanistan, though he told a presser on Wednesday that this country had no plans to attack its western neighbour. The Foreign Office also clarified on Thursday that no such plans were in the offing. In a similar misstep, Mr Sanaullah had said that the state was still willing to talk to the TTP if the militant group bid a farewell to arms. This position was also changed on Thursday when the interior minister referred to the National Security Committee's decision of not talking to any 'terrorist or militant group', and instead, highlighted the need for urging the Afghan Taliban to adhere to the Doha agreement of 2020, under which Afghanistan's de facto rulers are supposed to prevent militant groups from using their soil.

Though the safe havens of anti-Pakistan militants cannot be tolerated in Afghanistan, unilateral action to neutralise these is not a sound idea, for violating the sovereignty of another state will not set a good precedent...

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