SZAB and SMBB sacrificed their lives for restoration of democracy.


SHIKARPUR -- Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto sacrificed their lives for restoration of democracy and urged upon the opposition to respect the mandate of the people for success of democracy when opposition has wasted precious time by resorting to politics of agitation instead of extending co-operation to resolve the outstanding problems facing by the people while PPP always performed its role to improve the socio-economic life of the people and build the fate of the country with the support of vote adding called upon the oppositions to avoid of untoward policy of political victimization and extend co-operation and co-ordination to PPP leadership in order to take the country to the destination of an Islamic democratic welfare state.

This was said by Chief Sardar Jagan Khan Bhayo, the youngest son of sardar Wahid Bakhsh Bhayo, on the eve of the first death anniversary of Sardar Wahid Bakhsh Khan Bhayo, stalwart leader of Pakistan People's Party, held at his native village Jagan Khan Bhayo, to pay tribute to him. Mr Bhayo also vowed and ensured the people that he must play his role to resolve the outstanding...

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