A Study of Culture, Health, Society of Khushal town, Faisalabad.


Byline: Faculty Miss Iram Majeed

Culture represents the behavioral patterns of a society that includes arts, traditions and beliefs. The norms and rituals that determine a culture are exclusive to a particular society and they differentiate one society from another. Therefore, people hold these traditions and values dear to their hearts as these depict who they really are and where their roots belong to. Here we will talk about the culture of Faisalabad, the second biggest metropolitan city of Pakistan. The culture of Faisalabad is quite diverse because it is an industrial city and people from all over Pakistan come to work here, few component of Faisalabad culture are as follow, Faisalabad district previously known as Lyallpur.

City Lyallpur was named in honor of the Lieutenant-Governor of Punjab, Sir James Broadwood Lyall, for his services. His surname Lyall wasjoined with "pur" which means city in Sanskrit language. In 1979, the Government of Pakistan changed the name of the city from Lyallpur to Faisalabad (meaning City of Faisal), in honor of King Faisal of Saudi Arabia, who made severalfinancial contributionsto Pakistan. The total area of Faisalabad Region is 58.56 km2 (22.61 sq.mi) but the area controlled by the Faisalabad Development Authority (FDA) is 1,280 km2 (490 sq. mi). 2017 consensus, the total residents of the city was 3,203,846. Faisalabad has developed to become a major industrial and distribution Centre because of its central location in the region and connecting roads, rails, and air transportation, and is stated as the "Manchester of Pakistan".

There are lots of recreational places found all around Faisalabad which are a source of attraction for visitors and native people. The Faisalabad clock tower isfamous over the world and is one of the oldest monuments still standing in its original form since British rule. It was constructed in a special way by placing the clock at the center of the eight markets which, from the top it looks like the Union Jack flag of the United Kingdom. Faisalabad is mainly an industrial and agricultural city.

It isthe second largest business city in Punjab and it is a region for investment and economic richness. There is a selection of sites and tourist attractions; however, even with such fast growth the country lacks historical significance since it was developed mostly in the last few years. Faisalabad is well recognized for its cloth and related items throughout the world. It is the best market to buy home furnishings (bed sheets, curtains, towels etc.), personal clothing, and hosiery wear. The Punjabi...

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