Strong provinces are guarantee of resilient Pakistan, says Haleem Sheikh.

Leader of the Opposition in Sindh Assembly, Haleem Adil Sheikh, on Saturday, said that strong provinces were guarantee of a resilient Pakistan as federating units served as foundation of a federation.

He, while addressing 'Pakistan and federalism convention' organised by The Intellectual Forum here at Karachi Press Club, also stressed on need of national unity and harmony while keeping personal interests aside to strengthen the Pakistan and ensuring safety, security and welfare of the nation.

He said, 'Pakistan came into being in the name of Islam and we are a single nation so all the political parties should desist from fanning hatred on ethnic, linguistic and geographical basis.' Short sighted politicians who were conspiring to weaken the federation must not forget that they were actually weakening the people of all its federating units, he added. Haleem Adil Sheikh said that he supported stance of people of Sindh against Kala Bagh Dam project but it must be understood that natural gas, electricity, river, sea, ports and other natural resources were actually national resources and all the provinces had equitable right over them. The 18th constitutional amendment was a hallmark amendments which provided for devolution of authority to grass root level so that all the basic facilities including health and education could be ensured at the lowest level of governance.

Haleem maintained and called for implementation on the amendment with letter and spirit particularly in Sindh.

He said that Sindh received Rs8.9 trillion in previous 13 years but only Rs.1.6 trillion were utilised for development of the province while provincial planning and development department indicated that 44 percent of the utilised amount went into corruption. PPP always blamed federal government for not providing due share of the province from divisible pole but advocates of NFC did not convene Provincial Finance...

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