Story of Student Unions in Pakistan.


The demand for uplifting ban on student union one more time gained a magnitude on twitter when a video of student solidarity march held in Faiz festival got viral on twitter. Video got audience attention for several reasons including revolutionary verses of poetry, the momentum that women had and audience energy. The poetry was chosen from Indian poet Bismil Azeemabadi's work which he wrote for Bhagat Singh, which was a freedom fighter against British Empire. 'Sarfaroshi-ki-tamanna-ab-hamare-dil-mein-hai Dekhna-hai-zor-kitna-baazu-e- qatil-mein-hai' It's commonly understood that higher education is more than a classroom based study, at this stage of life students want to demonstrate their emotions somewhere. For these purpose student unions seems to be best choice to cater student related issues.

Another important role which student unions have been playing across the world is to aware students about politics and to development leadership qualities among the students to participate in the politics and more over to develop good civic in country. Student unions also cater the student problems regarding study and play intermediary between student and administration. But this was not the case in Pakistan. The role of student union had been significant in making of Pakistan.

After the independence, student union began to be exploited by political parties of Pakistan. Student unions were more like criminal unions where they were allowed to have weapons, gathering people for leader's rally, fighting with rival student unions, humiliating teachers and forcing them to suspend the classes in premises.

There was lack of proper management at union level as well as lack of self-management at individual level hence in Zia regime considering it only option to control law and order situation in campuses he banned on student unions. According to some graduate students of SMI university the ban on student unions should be lifted and proper should be installed to keep check and balance on the working these unions to not be exploited by any political sections for their personal agendas.

Kinza who is student of BS media studies said, 'Student unions play the role of nursery to students for practice their political activities. Maira student...

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