SSGC's chairperson inaugurates new assembly line for manufacturing residential gas meters.

KARACHI -- SSGC's Chairperson Dr Shamshad Akhtar has inaugurated a new assembly line for measuring units of G-4 Gallus residential gas meters. The gas utility's Meter Manufacturing Plant (MMP) is South East Asia's only one of its kind located inside the head office compound. SSGC's MMP started its production in 1975 with the prime objective of fulfilling domestic gas meters' requirements of both the Sui companies. The plant is a source of direct and/or indirect income for around 10,000 Pakistanis. Besides, MMP is a progressive source of saving valuable foreign exchange. Currently, two types of domestic gas meters - G-1.6 and G-4 -on European standards are under production at MMP with the potential of extending the product line(s) based on its extensive vertical integration, well-established vendor-base and years of know-how in gas meter manufacturing. It is pertinent to mention here that the gas meters serve as cash-registers for the gas distribution companies and are therefore expected to fulfil stringent performance and metrological parameters, which the MMP's meters meet and, in some cases, exceed, owing to the excellent quality and refined technological improvements achieved through decades of continuous research and development efforts by both SSGC and ITRON...

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