Spiritual seminar held in Mirpurkhas.

A 'spiritual seminar' was held in Mediterranean Hall Mirpurkhas in connection with the 41st Urs Mubarak of Azamiah Abdal Haq Hazrat Kalandar Baba Auliya, chaired by Azamiah Mirza Khas. The scholars read papers and teachings of Sufi saints. Addressing on the occasion, Mehboob Ali Azmi (Karachi), Mir Muhammad Thabo Azimi, Nazia Kanwal, Ayesha Arif, caretaker meditation hall Abdul Rahman Azeemi and others urged the people to spend life by following in the teachings of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW). Earlier, Taimoor Azmi, Darkhshandi Azmi, Nafis Akhtar Azimi, Afshan Azimi presented the Naat Rasool Maqbool (SAWW) and women...

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