Sohrab Goth Bridge of M-9 Motorway needs urgent repair.


KARACHI -- Sohrab Goth Bridge of M-9 Motorway needs urgent repair, but the concerned agencies and departments have been neglecting this issue concerned with general public as hundreds of thousands of commuters use this bridge, which would soon become not motorable. One of the most crucial road bridges of the megacity, Superhighway Sohrab Goth Bridge, is badly battered and broken, posing serious life threat to drivers and commuters.

This bridge over the Lyari River beneath the Lyari Expressway at main Sohrab Goth is potholed with deep craters, causing road accidents. Heavy traffic including long route buses and trucks also use this bridge besides light traffic like cars and bikes and commuters fear that fatal accidents could occur on this bridge if any heavy vehicle flips over and fall upon light...

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