Socio-political dramas of our leaders downed imaginary plays in theatres!

SOCIO-POLITICS and its dramatic theatres in real life of society and politics have all but downed imaginary theatres with actors and live plays on the stage! Seems real life drama by social personalities and crafty politicians are much better played and acted out compared to live actors and live plays on the stage! DRAMAS in real life by leaders in various fields and guises have all ingredients resembling a formula film: These have fiery speeches, unbelievable claims, promises made and broken, full of suspense and tensions with tragedies each moment. Main story line is of fooling people with deception, defrauding people and giving them high hopes again, with dreams of being or becoming the best in the world. INCREDIBLE scenarios like that are a routine now though with a worse situation on ground, of astounding poverty, torturing illiteracy and ignorance, inhuman extremism and condemnable suicidal terrorism, with all and sundry fighting against the villains, with outcome dwindling between defeat and success. LEADERS assure people that their country and nation will also go and live on Mars planet: Such promises are made by mostly those failing politicians who beg for votes from their dear nations before elections.

Their dramatics have effectively downed imaginary theatres with actors and plays on stage. Even Hollywood, Bollywood and Lollywood film stars could not have done it better! Amazing are false appearance, speeches and performances of real life political actors and their vows of making Pakistan an Asian tiger or Islamabad's nuking conquest prospect with Islamization and everyone becoming a Muslim worldwide! US President Barak Hussain Obama, of dual Christian-Muslim background, whom his adversaries call as "that Black Man in White House", was a formidable source that made Muslims fuel their world conquering ambitions in their centuries of blood spilling history once again.

But, alas, more than any Christian president, this half Muslim and half Christian president was misused to further divide and rule over Muslims by making Islamic and un-Islamic forces within Muslim world fight and kill each other. It was all done under a disguise of fight against terrorism which not only failed in its claim of reducing the then existing terrorism, but has succeeded like anything in further increasing the reasons and spread of terrorism worldwide. The world population simply loves thrillers like these being played by Muslim rulers all over the...

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