Smartphone manufacturing in Pakistan - a game changer.

Since the tremendous growth of smart-devices and cellular telecommunications has transformed the socio-economic landscape of every country in the world, developing nations like Pakistan are also reaping great benefits from these innovative technologies. Perpetual global connectivity is creating abundant new opportunities to make the common man more productive, competitive and prosperous, by being in-sync with the global developments.

Today, a whole new world of infotainment is available online, instantly accessible for every smartphone user, nurturing a prolific new lifestyle. While the smart-devices industry is experiencing unprecedented progress at an enormous scale and speed, Pakistan must take maximum advantage of this revolution, to unleash the enormous potential of its youth at this critical juncture, to overcome the major challenges faced by this resilient nation.

In 2020, the telecom sector in Pakistan contributed 278 billion rupees to the economy: 129% higher than the previous year, while the country's tele-density has reached well over 84%, with more than 184 million cellular subscribers. Thus, it is promising big revenue-opportunities for the investors. Due to this robust performance, almost all the global manufacturers of mobile-devices are planning to enter Pakistan, while 'Infinix' - a resourceful multi-national, has already pioneered the manufacturing of hi-tech devices in Karachi.

'Infinix' is surely the No. 1 smartphone brand in Pakistan, with the fastest business growth. It is showing complete confidence in the ability of this nation to progress, despite major crises like the Covid-19 pandemic. Infinix is proud to be the only manufacturer of smartphones, which has established 3 smartphone-factories in Pakistan, operating for more than a year now. Hence, the robust investments and advanced telecom technologies from Infinix are already gaining great recognition and reputation in this key Asian market.

These 3 state-of-the-art production plants installed by Infinix in Karachi, have provided employment for more than 6,000 people, with a capacity to manufacture the most sophisticated technologies for high-quality smart-devices sought by various consumer-segments. Local manufacturing of such high-tech products in Pakistan has enabled valuable savings in the import-bills and foreign-exchange. These valuable contributions of Infinix are enriching the national economy, while also promoting the 'Made in Pakistan' brand, all over the...

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