A Slip Of Tongue.


The tragedy of Prime Minister Imran Khan's speech to the Parliament on Thursday was that most of it was constructive. The Premier addressed many of the important problems the country has been facing in the last two years or so, especially now. On the floor of the National Assembly, he talked about the government's policies regarding COVID-19 - a problem that is not being given enough priority by the government. He reiterated again his government's different approach towards a lockdown and on the importance of following protocols. He spoke at length on all key national issues, including locusts, foreign policy and the ongoing accountability process in the country, and presented an overview of the 22-month performance of his government. Even if his explanations on these topics may sound familiar, it was important that the Premier address and acknowledge the issues in Parliament and clear up ambiguity about it.

Unfortunately, if that was the Prime Minister's intention with his speech, he missed the mark due to a largely unnecessary comment he made regarding Osama Bin Laden's death. While discussing the country's relations...

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