Slanted Coverage.


Facebook's decision to block the Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation's (PBC) live stream news bulletin is condemnable, but not unexpected. In recent years, the social media giant has revealed its own political leanings, towards the right side of the political spectrum. Facebook's role in ensuring Trump's ascension to power and the slanted coverage of news preceding the Brexit poll are documented and deliberate instances of political meddling.

That it's choosing to side with Modi's fascist government in India should come as no surprise. Facebook is a corporation that thrives on divisive and problematic narratives, simply because there might be more traction for outrage compared to positivity.

The fact that Facebook still runs political ads, where allowed - even though no other social media websites do so - tells us that Radio Pakistan's live stream was not really in violation of any 'community guidelines'. Facebook is simply not interested in standing for the rights of oppressed Kashmiris.

Kashmir has been under lockdown for over 148 days; this is a fact. The Modi regime is looking to repress Muslims by any means necessary, using legal cover to disguise its ambition to systematically take their rights away by any means necessary.

Radio Pakistan has chosen to migrate its live stream to YouTube; this is probably a wise decision. There is no need for the state to overreact...

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