Siraj says govt inclined to West, not State of Madina.


KARACHI -- Had the government moved towards creation of a welfare state like the State of Madina, the JI would have supported it, but the government is inclined to the World Bank, says Senator Sirajul Haq.Addressing 'Engaging and Training' sessions at JI district east and west separately,

the JI chief said that government's stance on Kashmir looks uncertain and it is following policy of General Douglas Gracey and Pakistan's first Foreign Minister

Sir Zafarullah.'We need to see pre-eminence

of Islam and the Holy Quran in our education, judicial

and governing system contrary to the Western system

of education and American

agents in parliament,' Siraj said. There is no difference between the past and the present rulers, as both remained

inclined to the WB and feared the US, he said. Supremacy...

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