Sindh will take over Steel Mills if any 'ATM' is rewarded: Ghani.

KARACHI -- Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani on Thursday warned that they would take over the Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM) if the PTI government rewarded any 'ATM' through privatization.

The land on which the PSM had been built was owned by the province, he said and added that they would not allow anyone to grab the land worth thousands of billions of rupees.

'Mafia is eyeing the Steel Mills, 'the PPP leader maintained.

Ghani also stated that they would take back the land if the state run enterprise was privatised.

Which organisation had been restored during the last two-and-a-half years, Ghani questioned and said that the PTI government did not want to run the PSM.

Decisions could not be taken without taking the provinces into confidence and also made it clear that the decisions being taken by the Centre on Sindh's islands were unconstitutional which would be resisted at every level.

'The federal government wants to occupy the islands.' Ghani reminded the audience that Asad Umar, a federal cabinet member, had promised that he would leave the ministry if the PSM was privatised and also blasted government allies MQM and GDA.

Why they were silent over throwing away the state assets and making the thousands of people jobless at a time they had representation in the federal...

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