Sindh police raid Haleem Adil Sheikh's house.

KARACHI -- Sindh police on Thursday surrounded, and trespassed Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Haleem Adil Sheikh's home, spokesperson Haleem Adil Sheikh said, media reported.

According to the spokesperson, the police have broken and entered the PTI leader's house twice without warrants. The police raided the PTI leader's house with 15 mobiles, civil dress and women policepersons.

However, the PTI leader is not at his residence currently, the spokesperson added. The PTI leader is being harassed by the police on the Sindh government orders, he added.

Haleem Adil is Imran Khan's soldier and is not afraid of anything. The Sindh government wants to silence the PTI leader.

Earlier on October 28, Haleem Adil's wife Dua Bhutto filed for...

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