Sindh overtake Punjab to lead at Boys National Age Group Swimming.

LAHORE -- Competitors from Sindh dominated the proceedings on the second day of the 26th Boys National Age Group Swimming Championships here at the Punjab International Swimming Pool on Saturday.

In a series of sterling performances, Sindh swimmers gained lead in all three age groups (U-12, 14 and 16) at the national event.

On the first day, boys from Punjab were leading the U-12 age group but Sindh claimed three gold medals, out of the total four at stake, on Saturday to surpass the former.


12 and under:

100m freestyle: 1 Mikail Azfar Mir (Sindh, 1:02.74); 2 M. Humza Bhesan (Sindh); 3 Asjad Ali (Punjab)

4x100m freestyle relay: 1 Sindh (4:45.65); 2 Punjab; 3 KP

50m freestyle: 1 Dayyan Kashif (Punjab, 28.30); 2 Mohammad Humza Bhesan (Sindh); 3 Mohammad Shahzain Siddiqui (Army)

100m breaststroke: 1 Mikail Azfar Mir (Sindh, 1:21.80), New National Record; 2 Saif-ul-Islam (Punjab); 3 Asjad Ali (Punjab)

14 and under:

400m freestyle: 1 Syed Azlan Sohail, Sindh (4 :46.81) New National Record; 2 Mohid Sadiq Lone (Punjab); 3 M. Ayan (Sindh)

200m breaststroke: 1 M. Bilal Maqbool (Punjab, 2:55.82); 2 M. Affan (Sindh); 3 Hammad Akhtar (KP)

100m breaststroke: 1 Punjab (4:08.46), New National Record; 2 Sindh; 3 KP

100m butterfly: 1 Syed Azlan Sohail (Sindh, 1:05.62), New National Record; 2 S. Mohammad Danyal (KP); 3 Aryaan Rehman Khawar (Punjab)

50m butterfly: 1 S. Mohammad Daniyal (KP, 29.29); 2 Aryaan...

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