Sindh govt links decision on lockdown to health experts' advice.


KARACHI -- As the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf government in the centre builds its case to ease the lockdown restrictions after May 9 citing growing poverty as the key reason, the PPP-led Sindh government sounded firm on its stance about the curbs as it reiterated that despite a different line from Islamabad, it would take the decision about the lockdown on the advice of medical experts.

Three provincial ministers at a press conference held here also lashed out at the federal government for being 'irresponsible' and backing out from its own commitments.

The fresh stance of the federal government regarding easing lockdown did not appear to convince the provincial government as the ministers almost ruled out any flexibility in the existing standard operating procedures (SOPs) for businesses and daily life.

'We don't care whether the federal government unjustifiably defames the Sindh government or the media criticises [us] baselessly... the Sindh government will adopt all precautionary measures to save people's lives,' Sindh Information Minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah told the press conference at the auditorium hall of the Sindh Assembly.

PPP ministers slam PTI-led federal govt for 'defaming' the provincial govt

'The whole world is following the advice of medical experts and so is the Sindh government. After April 24 meeting, when an extension in the lockdown was decided in consultation with all stakeholders, it was federal minister for planning, development and special initiatives Asad Umar who had announced that the lockdown all over the country would remain intact till May 9. But, we wonder now how he is constantly trying to give an impression as if the people of Sindh are facing hardships due to the decision of the lockdown.'

Accompanied by Education Minister Saeed Ghani and Agriculture Minister Ismail Rahu, Mr Shah said that not only the federal ministers and their spokespersons but also a segment of the media was also targeting the Sindh government giving an impression that the people were suffering only in Sindh owing to the lockdown while the rest of the country was open and daily life was normal.

'There are organised attempts to discredit the Sindh government on mainstream media and social media through various false allegations. Sometimes it's about alleged mismanagement in ration distribution and false statements from the business community against the provincial administration. The federal government cannot divert our attention by...

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