Sindh CM requested to take notice of people's problems.

Byline: Naz Solangi

KUMB -- Presently 184 countries including Pakistan have affected by Coronavirus, most of the countries are those which are having 1000 times more capacity to manage emergency situation than Pakistan but yet their economy have been destroyed due to this pandemic Corona emergency. Still we are not able to see the green signal to off the lockdown situation in Pakistan especially in Sindh. People who work on daily wages, street hawkers and laborers are facing hunger conditions because still most of the families have not received proper support of food. The Chief Minister of Sindh Syed Murad has taken good steps against Coronavirus in Sindh and he has allocated sufficient funds also. Federal Government also claims that they have allocated funds in shape of ration and Ehsas Program. Here if we see the current situation of District Khairpur Mir's...

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