Sindh Braces For 'High Flood' As Toll Swells With 57 New Deaths.

KHANPUR -- A high flood of 560,000 cusecs will pass through Kotri Barrage late Saturday, the Sukkur BarArage control room in-charge said on Saturday, with the unAdeterred water causing wideAspread devastation and fatalities in different areas of the country.

Kotri Barrage lies on the Indus River between Jamshoro and HyAderabad in Sindh, where the sitAuation has been bleak ever since the flooding started last month.

Sukkur Barrage was in high flood as the reservoir received flows of 600,000 cusecs of waAter from Taunsa Barrage, said the official.

He maintained that 29,000 cuscs of water had been added to the reservoir during the past 24 hours. In view of the expectAed flood, all the canals originatAing from the barrage have been closed for an unspecified periAod, he added. Flow of 559,998 cusecs was recorded upstream at the Kotri Barrage, while the downstream flow was 559,998 cusecs, said the official.

The high flood was heading toAwards Kotri Barrage, he added.

As per the Flood Forecasting Division (FFD), Kotri Barrage had an inflow of 513,669 cusecs upstream and 503,464 cusecs downstream at 6am today.

Nearly 57 people have died in the last 24 hours as floods conAtinue to ravage the country, acAcording to National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA).

Of the total figure, 38 alone lost their lives in Sindh, 17 in KP and one each in Balochistan and AJK, said the NDMA.

The overall death toll from the devastating floods, which have afAfected millions across the country, has crossed the 1,200 mark. In toAday's report, the FFD said that River Indus at Guddu and SukAkur is at a high flood level, while at the Taunsa and River Kabul at Nowshera, the level is low.

The FFD also forecast a fresh trough of the westerly wave lyAing over Northeast AfghaniAstan and adjoining areas. It addAed that a weak seasonal low lies over Northeast Balochistan and adjoining areas. 'Moderate moist currents from the Arabian Sea are penetrating upper parts of the country at up to 3,000 feet,' the division said.

In the next 24 hours, the FFD said scattered thunderstorms/rain of moderate intensity with one or two heavy falls are exApected over the upper catchAments of all the major rivers. Moderate rainfall is expected in Islamabad, Peshawar, and Rawalpindi Gujranwala, while isolated thunderstorms/rain are expected over Lahore DiAvision. 'Rising trend of water level in rivers flows, reservoirs continues'

After the continual rising trend of water level in the counAtry 's...

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