UN silence on Kashmir appalling: Sarwar.


LAHORE -- Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has said that silence of the United Nations and other international organisations over extremism and tyranny of Narendra Modi is appalling.

Addressing a ceremony on minorities' rights at Cathedral Church, the governor said that world organizations, including the UN, were keeping a shameful silence over rights violations in Indian-held Kashmir and other parts of India.

The minorities in Pakistan, he said, were enjoying religious freedom that had no parallel in rest of the world. He noted the Kartarpur Corridor project for the Sikh community was yet another proof of Pakistan's standing with minorities. 'But unfortunately, the Narendra Modi government is targeting Muslims and other minorities in India and India's law regarding dual nationality is in violation of human rights,' he said, adding the Modi government is following the agenda of extremism. 'Our enemy, India, is shrewd, clever and racist. Therefore, we all have to get united against it to foil all its designs. We want to make it clear to India that it would be reciprocated in a befitting manner if it resorts to any adventurism. People...

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