Show Of Poor Governance.


Initiating a scheme is easy; implementation and then continuing it is the tricky part. The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government's failure to keep supporting the poor out of school children under Farogh-e-Taleem Voucher Scheme is testimony to what's said earlier. The latest news suggests that the out of the 79, 0000 out of school children that were enrolled under the said scheme, only 34,000 are currently in school. More than half of the initially enrolled students have already stopped pursuing education. And the reason for such a drastic reduction in dropping out is the failure of the Elementary and Secondary Education Foundation's inability to pay their monthly fees. This is a sorry state of affairs.

It was not the shortage of funds with the foundation, as the foundation has surrendered around Rs 3 billion to finance department during the last two financial years. The foundation administration's decision to not release the funds due to the ongoing inquiries into irregularities in the voucher scheme was the main reason that the whole exercise is compromised. But why did the provincial government not take notice of this before? It will be hard to regain the trust of private schools. Even if the new administration of the foundation tries to take different associations of private schools into confidence, the owners will think twice before committing to...

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