Shooter was no religious fanatic, claims Imran.

GUJRAT -- Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has claimed that the man who tried to assassinate him in Wazirabad was a 'trained shooter' and not a 'religious fanatic' as opposed to what the authorities were trying to portray.

In an interview with German state-run international broadcaster DW on Thursday, Mr Khan claimed the suspected assailant's profile did not match that of a religious fanatic. 'He did not even say his prayers. The social media guys have done all the background checks of where he lived etc. This was not a religious fanatic, this was a trained shooter,' he insisted.

The PTI chief reiterated his claim that there were two shooters. 'They have done the forensics... they found two different kinds of bullets, so already that narrative (of a lone shooter) has blown apart. There was another shooter from the buildings firing different bullets.'

When asked how he was sure the three top government and military officers he has accused were behind the murder attempt, he said: 'Killing is not new for them. As for the military intelligence guy, they were in cahoots.'

Mr Khan further claimed the 'intelligence guy' was known for and had a background of 'bumping off people'. He also said he would be able to provide all the circumstantial evidence for his claims when a fair investigation is conducted. 'Whenever there is an independent investigation, these three will be [found] involved,' he stressed.

Consultations with a 'convict'

On the other hand, commenting on the meetings between Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and former premier Nawaz Sharif in London over the past two days, where the two reportedly discussed the next army chief's appointment, the PTI chief said it was tragic that a 'convict' (referring to the PML-N supreme leader) was being consulted on Pakistan's important matters by his younger brother, who he claimed became the PM through a conspiracy.

Mr Khan was addressing a joint gathering of PTI and PML-Q leaders and supporters through a video link at GTS Chowk here on Friday evening. The PTI's long march, which resumed from Wazirabad on Thursday, reached the intersection on Friday where the party's local chapter had installed large screens to broadcast the party chairman's speech.

PTI Vice Chairman Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Punjab President Dr Yasmeen Rashid, PML-Q MNA Chaudhry Hussain Elahi and PTI Gujrat President Saleem Jaura were present on the container leading the long march.

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