Shocking Revelations in Karachi Minor Boy Rape and Murder Case.

KARACHI -- Startling revelations surfaced in the investigation of a rape and murder case involving a minor boy in Karachi, according to media reports on Thursday.

The medico-legal officer confirmed that the six-year-old boy, whose body was discovered in a dry nullah near Karachi's Port Qasim Industrial Area, had been subjected to rape and torture. Notably, the post-mortem was not conducted despite the body being present at Jinnah Hospital for nine hours.

Following the autopsy findings, a case of rape and murder was registered on behalf of the state at the Sukhan police station. The complainant, ASI Ali Gopang, revealed that they responded to the scene after receiving information through the Madadgar 15 helpline. He further stated that the crime scene team collected evidence and transported the body to Jinnah Hospital at 11:30 am, submitting a written request to MLO Dr. Abdul Basit.

ASI Gopang mentioned that Dr. Arjumand Kumar forwarded the post-mortem report at 8:15 pm, confirming that the boy...

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