Sheikh Rashid accuses 'forces' of second raid at Islamabad home.

RAWALPINDI -- Awami Muslim League (AML) chief Sheikh Rashid Ahmad on Sunday accused elite forces of breaking and entering into his residence at midnight before beating up his house help and forcefully extracting statements from them.

Last week, Rashid had said that while he was out of the country, troops of the paramilitary force and Islamabad Police had broken into his house in Islamabad Sector F-7 in the wee hours of Wednesday morning.

'I was not present in the house,' Rashid had tweeted hours later, claiming that a raid party of around 80 to 90 people broke down the door of his house.

In a video statement today, the AML leader reported another similar incident. He said that "at midnight, the elite forces broke into my Islamabad residence" and "tortured" his employees until they gave a statement dismissing that they had been beaten up.

He maintained that "the police is doing all this because of the June 9 notice issued by Additional Sessions Judge Tahir Abbas Supra".

"Forces dressed in white clothes indiscriminately tortured the house help at my mother's residence, the Lal Haveli, at 4am," he said adding that "it was the neighbours that intervened and saved them from the officials in plain clothes".

He also said that the country is being governed under "the law of the jungle" where the citizens have been "disgraced and...

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