Shahzad Akbar, cronies foreign tours details surfaced.


ISLAMABAD -- Asset recovery units , set by prime minister Imran Khan for recovery of looted public money from foreign countries ,has utilized millions on their foreign tours which yielded not positive results and not even recovered a penny from the plundered who has stashed their money in the foreign countries , it has been revealed in a public documents which is available with this scribe.

Million has been spent on their foreign but the recovery has not been made in the last many months , the source told. According to documents , the Shahzad Akbar heading asset recovery unit has under taking four foreign tours and spent huge public funds but he did not share the success ful story with the nation as he not even fetch a penny from the foreign countries.

The destination of their foreign tours were London, Switzerland, Dubai and China where the Pakistanis corrupt elite has stored their looted public money but the recovery unit has miserable failed to detect their wealth , the source told.

Shahzad Akbar who had served as NAB prosecutor in the anti graft organization of the state has not impressed Imran Khan prime minister because he has not play any feat which could be billed as utmost successful story.

The source said four tours to foreign countries were made by members of recovery units who are chum friends of Shahzad Akbar whom he brought under his administration and the destination of their tours was London, Switzerland and Dubai.

It is reported in the world press that Pakistan super corrupt people from elite community of the coutnryh has...

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