Shabbir lifts PGF Match Play Golf trophy.

LAHORE -- M Shabbir Iqbal (Islamabad) emerged as the winner of the Pakistan Golf Federation (PGF) Match Play Golf Championship 2020, which concluded here at Royal Palm golf course on Sunday.

After a tough competition, two unbeaten ones in professional section were Shabbir Iqbal and M Munir (Rawalpindi Golf Club) while two in amateur section were Qasim Ali Khan (Gymkhana) and Salman Jehangir. The final head to head match play contest between Shabbir and Munir produced considerable interest and though expectations were that it would be hotly contested, somehow the dominant tilt remained in favor of Shabbir throughout the 32 holes that the contest lasted and star of the day remained Shabbir.

Through excellent hitting, crisp and accurate fairway shots and smooth and effective putting, Shabbir kept the pressure on and ended victorious and in the process deprived Munir of success...

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