Shabbir lifts 25th CNS Open Golf title.

LAHORE -- Muhammad Shabbir of Islamabad, the number one ranked golf professional of the country, clinched the 25th CNS Open Golf title at historic Karachi Gollf Club Golf Course.

In this opening event of the National Golf Calendar for the year 2021-22, Shabbir managed to emanate as the champion once again. During the course of competitive play in the final round on Sunday, the run of play was controlled by Shabbir and Ahmed Baig. As for Matloob Ahmed, he encountered blemish-oriented shot making and pretty early in the round lost his chance of a charge to the title. As against him, Shabbir and Ahmed remained the front runners throughout the 18 holes head-to-head contest.

At the 18th tee, Ahmed was level with Shabbir, both had good tee shots backed by modest approach shots but then Shabbir managed an excellent six-foot putt while Ahmed missed a four-footer and thereby handed over victory to his senior opponent. The final scores for Shabbir were 69, 67, 71 and 69 with a total aggregate of 276, twelve under par. For Ahmed, the scores were 72, 67, 70 and 68 with an aggregate of 277, eleven under par. Matloob Ahmed managed to end up third with four rounds score of 280, eight under par.

Other aspirants, who ended up well, were Muhammed Alam (PAF Skyview) with a score of 281, fifth position went to M Munir (Rawalpindi) at a score of 283 followed by Waheed Baloch of Karachi Golf Club, the score being 284.


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