Setting New Precedents.

Byline: Ehmud Sarwar

US President Donald Trump stands to become the first American president to be indicted on criminal charges. The American public is in a state of shock, attempting to come to terms with what this development means for their country. However, for Pakistan, the idea of political leaders being labeled as 'criminals' is not a foreign one. The country has had its own share of political turmoil and corruption allegations, leading to popular leaders being labeled as criminals some even being tried and hanged accordingly

However, despite this familiarity, it is important to take a step back and examine the gravity of such allegations. It paints a grim picture, akin to an Orwellian dystopia, where politicians prioritize their personal interests over the well-being of the public they were elected to serve. The situation then begs the question of whether true democracy can thrive in a society where criminality and politics run parallel?

In many countries, criminal charges have not prevented individuals from holding high office, but this does not mean that such actions should be deemed acceptable. It is perhaps then easiest to accept that allegations of criminality are almost inevitable in the world of politics. Pakistan has its own history of a former Prime Minister being executed in what is now deemed a case of judicial murder, yet the country moved on. On the other hand, while America may strive to be the shining beacon of democracy in an unruly world, the truth is that American politics is just as smeared with criminal charges as any other nation in the world.

A recent survey concluded that one out of every six Americans believes that politics played atleast some role in President Trump's indictment. This raises the question of what precedent this sets for politics around the world. If an American president can face criminal charges, it begs the question of whether such charges against senior officeholders are legitimate rather than part of elaborate political conspiracies. For if America can fall prey to criminals in offices, what hope do the rest of us have?

It is not all grim however with many around the world hailing this event as a potential catalyst for change. This groundbreaking development has the potential to set new standards of accountability and fairness in political systems around the world, heralding a new era of transparency and ethical conduct. By setting higher standards of impartiality, transparency, and...

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