Selected govt cannot alleviate eco, governance crises: Bilawal.

Karachi -- Pakistan People's Party chairman Bilawal Bhutto has said that infrastructure has to be focused on to fight the economic and governance crises, and only public government can solve it.

Addressing a ceremony of seven mega projects, Bilawal Bhutto expressed that 10 million jobs have to be provided across the country to combat the economic crisis. 'Provision of jobs is a tradition of PPP, and people will get jobs with the seven mega projects,' he said, adding that the incumbent government is encouraging only unemployment.

The scion of Bhutto dynasty asserted that the federal government facilitated billionaires with tax amnesty

He went on to say that the 'selected' and incompetent government cannot alleviate the problems of people. 'The country has plunged into the tsunami of inflation, while small businessmen are stuck into the storm of taxes', he added.

The PPP chairman said that the...

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