Security guards injured during robbery.

ISLAMABAD -- The cash van of a security guard company was robbed on Monday morning and two security guards were injured while the van was transporting cash to banks.

According to police, when the van reached I-9, four people disembarked from a White Toyota Corolla that had stopped near the van and overpowered the van's security guards. The guards' weapons were snatched and they were badly beaten.

Some of the suspects entered the van and took away with them bags filled with cash. The police were given details about the car and its registration number however it is yet to be traced.

In another incident, a woman was injured by a gang of robbers during a robbery in I-8/4, the police said, adding four armed people raided her house and held up the residents at gunpoint.

They demanded cash from the woman and ended up hitting her when she refused to give in to their demands. Later, they came to the ground floor, held four people hostage and detained them in a room while searching for valuables and cash. One of the victims managed to run outside and call police for help.

An accomplice of the suspects sitting in a car outside the house informed them about the call made to police which resulted in them being able to escape with the looted items.

In another incident, valuables worth Rs1million were looted from a house in F-11/3, they said, adding that three armed people raided at the house of Syed Sohail Ahmed and held up the residents at gunpoint.

Similarly, cash and mobiles worth Rs250,000 were looted from a shop in G-8/4, they said.

In other similar incidents, two robbers snatched cash and mobiles worth Rs90,000 from Hassan Mehmood in G-7 Markaz, the police said, adding...

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