Science trailing behind mysticism, say speakers at 'Sufi Melo'.

HYDERABAD -- The two-day 'Sufi Melo' concluded at Sindh Museum on Saturday night with a session on 'Sufi ravayya aen jadeed science' in Sindh museum.

Sharing her thoughts, Shah Abdul Latif University (Khairpur) vice chancellor Dr Parveen Munshi said that while population had increased, education standard had declined.

She said that no hypocrite or liar could beat a Sufi, who belived in brotherhood, harmony, and love. Sufi behaviour is not taught, but it is created. She said that wherever it had flowed, Indus river had spread love and harmony.

Hyderabad DIG Pir Mohammad Shah said that Sufi thinking revolved around harmony, and added that people stood divided in different segments and sects whereas science also created pollution, besides helping development.

He said that differences could not be shun unless people's Sufi thinking was wholeheartedly accepted.

He said that science was not a subject but a way. He said Indus Valley had absorbed the...

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