Sardar Ishaq Khan expresses serious concerns about LoC situation.

VIENNA -- Chairman Jammu Kashmir Social and Justice Party Sardar Muhammad Ishaq Khan has expressed serious concerns about the Line of Control (LoC) situation.

He said this while addressing the webinar in Vienna Austria. Sardar Muhammad Ishaq Khan said that peace is the way out of inequity and violence and a golden ticket to enter a new, brighter future for humankind. All of us are important in this epic endeavor and the future generations need every hand they can get to receive a more equal, peaceful, and beautiful world, he said.

"Line of Control (LoC) Peace Mission" is a commune wide open for those who, with utmost verve and passion, deeply empathize with those suffering since long and thus, intend to bring about a progressive change in their lives.

Sardar Muhammad Ishaq Khan said that a deep agony and discomfort has made home in our hearts, a persistently odd sense of uneasiness and sometimes guilt agitates our soul and wrenches our conscience, thinking about the ones who spend each day in relentless fear of losing their loved ones; of their homes being razed to ground in a jiffy; their miserable lives hanging by a thread, moving unsteadily in the desolate unknown future with little hope.

Here we are talking about the people living on both sides of the Line of Control which divides the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

  1. Our vision is to magnify the outreach of various governmental endeavours to these people who mostly remain untouched or just slightly impacted by the schemes or projects implemented by the authorities.

  2. Our immediate aim is to provide necessary rehabilitation, basic daily facilities through our volunteers and to ensure proper channeling of development, cohesion and empowerment of people.

  3. Our long term goal will focus on making both the governments indulge in a peaceful process of deliberation and discussion to find a...

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