Sanitary workers' strike enters ninth day.


SIALKOT -- Sanitary workers dumped garbage in front of the offices of Municipal Committee Pasrur as a protest against the non-acceptance of their demands.

On Tuesday, the protesting workers were on strike against the Pasrur Municipal Committee for the ninth consecutive day.

They demand annual bonuses, extra leaves, less duty timings and recruitment of more sanitary workers.

The workers said the officials concerned had forced them to dump garbage in front of the offices as officials are not paying proper attention to their demands. When contacted, the officials said that the demands were not valid as the sanitary workers were now blackmailing the authorities by making their union.

The officials added that sanitary workers were on strike for the last nine consecutive days, due to which the cleanliness situation has become worst in Pasrur city. Officials added that trash heaps everywhere in Pasrur city were revealing the height of negligence of the municipality's striking sanitary workers, as they were lying reluctant to perform their official duties. The officials have also ordered departmental probe against the sanitary worker for dumping garbage in front of the offices of the municipality officials. Meanwhile, the local social, business, educational, literary and political circles of Pasrur city have expressed grave concern over this critical situation.

They said that the sanitation condition has become worst in Pasrur city. They have urged the Sialkot Deputy Commissioner Dr Nasir Mehmood Bashir to look into the matter.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Sialkot International Airport Limited (SIAL)...

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