Sanam means beloved and Mohib means the one who gives love, says Mohib Mirza.

There's a lot that goes on in the lives of actors that you may not know about. Often, stars hide their personal lives and relationships in order to keep entertaining their fans. In a podcast, actor Mohib Mirza opened up about his struggles, both professional and personal, how he has evolved as a human surrounded by the people he loves. He also seemed to confirm his romance with actor Sanam Saeed.

On December 28, the Neeli Zinda Hai actor appeared on a podcast with Munib Nawaz, his childhood friend and fashion designer, with whom he discussed all the possible things he could've done differently, including his life when he started out, personal relationships, his vulnerabilities, the importance of voicing insecurities, his experience with filmmaking and counting his blessings.

The host asked Mirza if the life he has was once a goal, such as making films or reaching a milestone like the Oscars. Mirza said, 'I don't think I had a specific image in mind. But some small elements from it were my goals. The rest you know every single day we're evolving and it [our brain] is like an open sea, desires and wishes never seem to end. Just like that, whatever I manifested and dreamt of deserves to come true, be it the good things you want or the fear that you end up manifesting. The rest, if I have to say, I've been blessed with what I was and have been given, not just the fame but also got to work with the kind of stuff I always wanted to do.'

When asked about the fears that he manifested, Mirza said as a professional actor it would be falling behind time and not being able to meet deadlines to finish certain tasks. On the personal note, when he was asked about his younger self and his goals, Mirza opened up about his past relationship with model Aamina Sheikh.

'When I met Aamina, my focus was 'she's the one' and I was in love with her and then came marriage and all the other things after that, as they should. We had a great, great partnership and everything was going fine, we had a daughter and after that we started to grow differently,' he said.

'I had never imagined that things wouldn't work out between us. Eventually, I came to realise, it happens with everybody and those who say it doesn't, are just talking rubbish. I was with her for 12 to 13 years in a marriage and we had a falling out afterwards. It wasn't our partnership that was...

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