Running, no matter how little, is linked to 27% lower death risk.


ISLAMABAD -- Research has already shown that running is an activity that can help us stay healthy for longer, but how much do we have to run to extend our lifespan? A new review suggests that no matter how little or how much we run, the exercise is linked with a significantly lower risk of death from all causes. According to a new review, there is an association between running and a longer lifespan, regardless of the frequency and duration of running. Many studies have shown that running is a healthful form of aerobic exercise that has numerous benefits for both the body and the mind. For example, the authors of a 2018 study argued that running could help protect brain health, while older research has tied this form of physical activity to slower aging. But what link is there, if any, between running and mortality from all causes, and how does this activity affect the risk of death due to cardiovascular disease and cancer, in particular?

Furthermore, if running can indeed lead to a longer lifespan, does that mean that more running offers an increased level of protection? These are the questions that researchers from Victoria University in Melbourne, the University of Sydney, and other academic institutions in Australia and elsewhere have recently aimed to answer. To this purpose, the investigators reviewed the relevant...

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