Rough Music In Kabul.


Taliban's attacks are rocking Afghanistan. The last week was a bloody one as the militants had intensified their attacks against the Afghan government and its officials. The recent surge in violent attacks can be seen as a part of strategy through which the militants want to gain the upper hand in the so-called direct talks. Nevertheless, one cannot make much sense of the latest surge in violence when only a few days back news of the Taliban agreeing to a ceasefire emerged. And only today, the group has announced that they are in favour of a weeklong ceasefire with the United States (US). Many believe the truce could pave the ground for concluding a long-anticipated agreement on the drawdown of foreign troops. While some experts think that the drawdown could jumpstart inter-Afghan dialogue, but the continuation of deadly attacks makes it a distant dream. Relying on violence can only tear the ruptured social fabric of society further apart.

In recent days, especially after Trump's decision of resumption of talks, the Taliban's excessive reliance on force to achieve their goals can prove deadly for the...

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