Role of communication in conflict resolution.


Byline: nasir ali qureshi

ISLAMABAD -- Conflict is a reality embodied in our existence, a reality based on a solid foundation of disagreements, personal interests and ideas, a reality that defines the lines, the angles, the boundaries and the shape of what we desire. It is an abstract term that encompasses the lives of a single, a community and a nation. Difference in opinions, ideas, interests, strategies and plan of actions do lead to disagreements, and these disagreements lead to conflicts where we portray our agendas with pride while nullifying all the proposals from corresponding party leading to a positive feedback, where conflicts further enhance disagreements and disagreements further enhance conflicts unless we sit at a table agreeing to communicate to deliver a solution. Communication is an ideal method to resolve our conflicts. It is negotiating, understanding, delivering and listening. Once we realize our differences and agree to communicate, we actually are agreeing to cooperate by addressing our proposals and demands logically rather than inviting rage and delirium. Let us take a closer look at the current situation of our society, our community, our nation and our world. Let us realize the fact that majority of the conflicts have remained unresolved only due to the lack of proper communication. From the level of a society to the level of a nation we are facing innumerable problems, issues and conflicts but the solution to all these is communication. Analyzing an important yet unresolved issue, 'The Kashmir Issue'. After Independence in 1947, due to the Kashmir issue, Pakistan and India's relation had been greatly severed. To...

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