Rising Prices Without Control: End 'Beg, Borrow Or Steal' Culture!


ISLAMABAD -- with central Muslim rule and other provincial governments are wasting millions of rupees from the people's tax paid money lavishly on media advertisements highlighting false claims and imaginary achievements in keeping prices of essential items under check. There is no such a thing as a consistent price control in many parts of Pakistan. PRICE control inspectors are nowhere to be seen at most markets in this country's capital city as well as provincial capitals, and other cities and towns throughout. Vendors and retailers are openly flouting the official price lists at different markets and bazaars of the city. PRODUCTION to retailing process involves dozens of phases. Problems start with production itself without proper irrigation equipment, fresh seeds instead of outdated ones, usable water, proper fertilizers and pesticides. Rise in labor and transport costs increases output costs from provinces to provinces, if a produce is not of one province and is brought in fromother provinces. Still enormous price differences in Punjab and Sindh is astounding and unbelievable. DISTRIBUTION involves a long line of brokers for supplying essential commodities from production places to other markets.ARs 50 item added up with commission agenting of a series of changing of hands on handling and forwarding with transport charges and labor costsincreases the price to many times more than its original price. It's no wonder if that item is later sold at markets for Rs 500.

Government must cut these brokers out from the market as people's lives have become a living hell because of these go-betweens and mentioned problems that were repeatedly pointed out but never resolved. This kind of skyrocketing of pricing has driven people towards begging, borrowing and stealing. GOVERNMENT'S fixed prices need not be like private sector brokerage that wildly shoots up prices without any fixed rates at wholesale markets or retail shops. Government must regulate supplies and fix rates reasonably.That is not the case. Government's exorbitant costs of utilities and essentials have made people revert to "beg, borrow or steal" proverb in practical and daily life.

It is increasing allsorts of crimes and is also increasing petty to capital crimesthat issocially and economically terrorizing the people and their pockets in sales and purchase affairs. COMPARISON of prices for example in Punjab province, a stronghold of presently ruling Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz)...

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