Byline: Agha Abdul Samad-Khairpur Mirs

The prices of petroleum products have gone up yet once again. The consequent overnight inflation suggests there is hardly anything in the name of planning in the corridors of power. The rising trend of hoarding the essentials before the prices go up once again is further complicating the situation, as the absence of a proper demand-and-supply monitoring system has forced the people to do whatever they can to protect themselves to the extent that they can.


By: Sufyan Khan-Swat

_: The Global Index 2021 report released by the World Justice Project has placed Pakistan at the bottom, with only Afghanistan behind it. The report was based on the country's performance in terms of corruption, law and order, civil and criminal justice and other related issues. The low and pathetic placement speaks for itself.


By: Muhammad Ismail-Turbat

_: The government of Balochistan is working on the expansion and reconstruction of Sabzal Road for the last few months at a cost of Rs7,480 million. To date, only about 30 per cent of the work has been completed. The...

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