Rice, Maize help Pakistan achieve local demand, export earnings, says RRDB Chairman.

LAHORE -- Rice Research and Development Board Punjab (RRDB) Chairman Shahzad Ali Malik Wednesday anAnounced 'Shafi Malik Plant BreedAers Award' of Rs 10 million each for breeders from private and public sector who develops the best quality high yielding seeds of rice, cotton and wheat.

Talking to the media here, Malik stressed the need for immediAate steps to increase yield per acre of field crops through the best varieties which is posAsible by rewarding breeders through a luAcrative incentive packAage/scheme. Shahzad Ali Malik highlighted that out of five major field crops Rice, Maize, CotAton, Wheat and Sugar Cane, only two crops, Rice and Maize performed well due to high yielding varieties with the main contribution of priAvate sector. He said Rice and Maize helped Pakistan achieve local deAmand, export earnings and import substitution. Going one step forward Shahzad Ali Malik on behalf of the Guard Agricultural Research and Services...

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