Reviving streams.

ISLAMABAD -- is blessed with nature's bounties, and the presence of freshwater streams that flow close to every sector in the capital were, indeed, one of them. Till about a decade ago, these streams used to have artificial waterfalls that were a source of entertainment for the people. Besides, there were deep blue and green natural pools in these streams for those who wanted to try something other than boring swimming pools. Also, these streams were home to marine life, like fish, tortoise, etc.

But over the last decade or so, these beautiful streams have been turned into sewers as one finds sewage flowing in them. This not only makes the water contaminated, but also causes environmental pollution.

People, especially those who live near these nullahs, have to put with unbearable smell as well. These nullahs that have become a liability could be turned into an asset as they have a potential to generate...

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