'Retaliatory' suspension of power supply fuels continuing protests in Hyderabad.


HYDERABAD -- Power consumers took to the streets of Hyderabad on Tuesday demanding remAoval of Liaquat Colony sub-divisional officer (SDO) after they learnt that they were being punished with repeated suspension of supply to teach them a lesson for holding a protest against a prolonged outage the previous day.

They kept a main thoroughfare blocked for five hours and did not disperse until a DSP and Sakhi Pir SHO persuaded them to end the protest. They threatened to block the road again on Wednesday if power supply to their localities was not fully restored and the SDO was not removed.

The protesters gathered on roads amidst sizzling heat and blocked roads, suspending normal traffic on Cantonment graveyard road and busy Sakhi Pir Chowk.

On Monday evening, close to 150 residents of Tando Wali Mohammad, Liaquat Colony and Firdous Colony had staged protest in their areas for over two hours and for more than four hours on Tuesday against frequent power outages, tripping from grid station and removal of electricity links of transformers.

The protesters raised slogans against Liaquat Colony SDO, superintending engineer (SE) and other Hesco officers. According to residents, power supply was suspended at 11.45am for one-hour loadshedding but was not restored till 8pm on Monday, forcing affected people to take to the streets.

The DSP and SHO concerned spoke to SDO who promised restoration of power supply within 10-15 minutes. He also assured them that no tripping would occur and no unannounced loadshedding would be carried out in the subdivision after which the protesters dispersed.

However, power supply was suspended at 11.45am on Tuesday as per normal loadshedding schedule but the supply was not restored even several hours later which infuriated residents and they blocked Sakhi Pir Chowk. They learnt that electric supply links of around half a dozen transformers had...

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