Resumption of work at Akhorwal coal mines in Darra demanded.

KOHAT -- The tribal elders in a jirga of Darra Adamkhel subdivision have demanded immediate opening of Akhorwal coal mines for work, saying that their closure has been causing them losses of millions of rupees every month.

They said that the closure had affected thousands of tribesmen who were living hand to mouth due to lack of any income for a long time.

The elders warned that if the mines were not opened for work the responsibility of any law and order would rest with the administration.

A member of defunct committee responsible for overseeing the mines, Yousuf Khan who organised the jirga, Malik Yar Mohammad and president of youth union refused to accept the chairmanship of caretaker committee headed by Atta Mohammad.

When contacted, Darra Adamkhel assistant commissioner Mr Shayan said there was a dispute going on between the tribesmen and Yousuf Khan and Younis Khan over distribution of income from the mines.

The first committee was dissolved when differences between the sub-clans became serious. Then a second one was constituted, but it too was not accepted after which a caretaker body was formed. However, now the tribesmen and the partners Younis Khan and Yousuf Khan were demanding a committee of their liking.

Mr Shayan said he brought the partners to the negotiating table after five years, but they could not reach a solution after which...

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