Repair Work Of The Roads Damaged During Rains Started: Murtaza Wahab.

KARACHI -- Administrator Karachi BarArister Murtaza Barrister MurAtaza Wahab on Monday said that the repair work of the roads damAaged during the rains has been started. 'The sewerage lines affected by the rains in many areas have been repaired. The restoration work is going on rapidly, the party leadership and Sindh Chief Minister have directed to repair the roads and sewerage lines on priority ba-sis. Efforts are being made to complete all these works as soon as possible so that the citiAzens can get convenience,' the Administrator expressed these views while visiting the Old City area and various roads in district South, said a statement.

Senior Director Municipal Services Mazhar Khan, district administration offic-ers and engineers also accompanied him on this occasion.

The Administrator Karachi reviewed the rehabilitation work of sewerage lines adjaAcent to Shaheen Complex and Saddar and said that these sewAerage lines were affected durAing rains.

'At some places, the sewerAage lines were sunk into the ground, due to which the surArounding areas faced sewage problems, but now this probAlem is being solved.

The repair work of the afAfected sewerage lines at PIDC has been completed while the rehabilitation of sewerage lines in the Old City area is also going on at a fast pace,' he added.

Barrister Murtaza Wahab said that the recent rains in the city were unusual, which afAfected the basic infrastructure, especially in various parts of the south district.

He said that if all these probAlems...

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