Renowned Urdu poet, politician 'Hasrat Mohani' remembred.

ISLAMABAD -- Renowned poet of Urdu language, journalist, politician, parliamentarian and a fearless freedom fighter of Indian sub continent, Hasrat Mohani (1875 1951) was remembred on the occasion of his 72nd death anniversary today (Saturday) to pay homages for his lifetime services.

Syed Fazl ul Hasan (Hasrat Mohani) was born in 1875 in Mohan near Unnao district of U.P. India.

His real name was Syed Fazl ul Hasan. He adopted pen name of Hasrat while word Mohani refers to the native place of Mohan where he was born in Uttar Pardesh.

He participated in the struggle for independence and was jailed for many years by British authorities, Electronic channels reported.

He was also imprisoned for promoting anti British ideas especially for publishing an article against British policies in Egypt in his magazine Urdu e Mualla.

He went to jail several times and suffered the rough and tumble of political life for a long period. But neither the rigors of...

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