Rehman Malik's new book 'Top 100 investigations' launched.

ISLAMABAD -- Former Interior Minister Rehman Malik's new book 'Top 100 Investigations' was launched yesterday at a ceremony here.

Amir Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan Sirajul Haq unveiled the book. Due to the situation because of Coronavirus when social distancing and isolation are being observed to control the deadly pandemic, the book was launched in a restricted gathering. The ceremony was also attended by renowned journalists.

Senator A Rehman Malik in his opening remarks welcomed the distinguished guests and briefed the audiences about the book. Malik said that his journey as a civil servant, investigator, and then politician remained full of experiences. He said during his experience he found that it was a hard fact that knowledge is a power that leads to success. 'I have always considered myself a student of history and struggled for social justice' he added.

He said that he had been writing papers, representing Pakistan in the international forum, devising policies for the government, and have drafted many legislation both as a bureaucrat and later as a politician therefore writing has always remained a passion right from the student life. He said that he was dedicated to write on security, social injustice, extremism, terrorism, countering the enemies countries' policies against Pakistan, and in the greater national interest.

Throwing light on his earlier publications, Rehman Malik said that his first book 'Modi's War Doctrine' basically exposed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his terrorist organization RSS for their anti-Pak agenda and he was happy that he well-exposed their brutalities well in the world.

Former interior minister says writing has always been his passion

The author said that helping and supporting Kashmiris is his passion and he has been writing on the issue of Kashmir and raising his voice for them at every forum. 'My book 'Bleeding Kashmir' identifies the unprecedented brutalities of Indian Forces and PM Modi against oppressed people of Kashmir', he said.

The former Interior Minister further said that Daesh has now emerged as a lethal monster and it is replacing Al-Qaeda and he had been advocating about its presence in the region and Pakistan.

My book 'ISIS-Daesh; Rising Monster Worldwide' discovers the creation and rising of Daesh and its use against humanity.

He said today, Daesh regional branches are functioning active and there were training centers in Afghanistan where activists of ETIM and Daesh were...

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