Refugee Crisis.

Almost a year after the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan, the UN released a report stating that Pakistan is the largest-refugee hosting country in Asia and the Pacific since it is home to over 1.5 million Afghan refugees. None have expressed the desire to return, reflecting the uncertainty they feel about their future back home. What is upsetting is that countless others wish to escape from conflict-ridden countries like Afghanistan, Myanmar and now Ukraine.

Within the last few years, the world has seen several violent conflicts that have resulted in multiple refugee crises. Millions of people have either been displaced from their homes or have had to escape to neighbouring countries for the sake of survival. In the last 17 months that Myanmar's military took control, 800,000 people have been displaced. Similarly, Russia's invasion of Ukraine has produced at least 12 million refugees. These are grave times and at such points in time, the international community must band together to provide safe havens to those suffering all the while endorsing...

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