Reduce Load Shedding In Punjab.

Time and Time again the news of Load shedding and power outages in cities other than Karachi are overlooked because of the news of Load shedding in Karachi. Why is it that this is always made the main focus while there are many cities facing the same issues while some are even worse off? Recently Lahore had faced 8 to 16 hours of load shedding and this had not been covered by the media the same way Karachi's load shedding is covered. Islamabad also faced 8-hour load shedding day and night for over a week and Karachi is only dealing with 3-hour load shedding comparatively people in Karachi are better off but they are the only ones that are being heard. Areas like Jhelum, Attock, Murree, Chakwal, Rawalpindi, Taxila, Islamabad, and many more have also been facing 8-hour load shedding for over a week and in the rural...

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