Reassessment Plan.

The devastation caused by the floods in Pakistan is now finally receiving due attention from the international community. The Pakistan government's call for assistance in flood relief, after identifying that developed countries, having contributed most to climate change, also have a responsibility for the floods, has been met with millions of dollars in donations.

This time now is instrumental, as it is up to the government now to ensure that the millions donated are utilised efficiently and in a way to prevent further damage to the communities affected. Federal Secretary for Ministry of Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Syed Zafar Ali Shah has said that his ministry is preparing a reassessment plan of Rs 1 trillion for flood-hit areas. The majority of the funds are being directed to infrastructure development- a total of 197.265 km length of highway/motorway across Pakistan has been affected due to massive floods. A total of 92.63 km of road network in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), 54.25 km in Balochistan, 36.285 km in Sindh, and 14.1 km roads in Punjab have been affected. The reassessment plan will also focus on the construction of dams, railway infrastructure, and rebuilding of houses- all spheres which have been badly...

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